Trusts are intended to distribute your assets for many years to come. As your attorney or advisors will inform you, trusts can be useful in a number of situations. Our trust department will help you determine the best way to take care of your loved ones. Plus, we will be accountable for distributing your assets per your wishes.

Carrying Out Your Wishes

Appointing Community Savings Bank as your corporate trustee takes the burden off of your family. We will always be here to make sure your wishes are followed.

The benefits of a trust may include:

  • Maximizing your estate for your heirs or charities
  • Caring for the disabled or very young
  • Minimizing tax effects
  • Reducing your family's stress

Following Your Lead

Community Savings Bank takes pride in providing personalized and impartial trust expertise. Our Trust Officer coordinates with your selected attorney, accountants and advisors to:

  • Handle day-to-day administration
  • Follow your investment guidelines
  • Distribute funds to your beneficiaries as you directed
  • Send reports to beneficiaries
  • Prepare tax information
  • Produce accounting reports as required
  • Handle your estate's final liability payments and asset distributions