The Importance of Investing

You've worked hard for what you have and deserve to have the future you want. Your financial future depends in large on decisions you make today. When you take the time to build a financial plan you are taking the first step in achieving your goals and we will be there with you every step of the way.

Developing an investment plan requires you to quantify your goals and could greatly improve your chances of achieving the retirement you have dreamed of. It could help maximize the chances of meeting the objectives in your financial plan that best aligns with your financial goals.

Regardless of the state of your current financial picture, it's always a good idea to review your financial plan and understand how it relates to your financial goals and be aware of the options you can take that can help your financial well-being.

Determine Your Risk Tolerance

Together we will determine the kind of investment portfolio that’s right for you, you can assess your level of financial risk online with our Riskalyze tool. You’ll receive a number that will help your financial advisor customize the most effective investment strategy for you.

Determine your risk tolerance today.

Why Have a Financial Advisor?

The support and knowledge of a Financial Advisor may improve your chances of having a more secure future for you and your loved ones. We can help guide you through the process and navigate you through the steps you should be taking that best align you to reach your financial goals. You may even discover new opportunities that you didn't think of or better understand the ones you do have and how you can improve them to better fit your specific needs.

Our Approach

Personalized Service

  • Provide positive encouragement and motivation for effort and successes
  • Advise you to avoid reactive or emotional decisions which could negatively affect your portfolio
  • Support you through transitional phases: major illness, death, inheritance, job change, retirement, child birth, divorce, legal issues, etc.
  • Encourage you to save and invest
  • Evaluate your risk tolerance and help determine your tolerance for loss
  • Help you understand the various attitudes toward money and the financial decision-making associated with each of them
  • Provide friendly and knowledgeable support

Goal Focused

  • Provide confidence for financial matters, focusing on goals, priorities, direction and structure
  • Conduct planning evaluations and tracking of goals
  • Provide proactive follow-up on action items
  • Develop, establish and track individual and family goals
  • Promote vacation planning and quality-of-life enhancements
  • Calculate net worth and review cash flow
  • Retirement Income & Distribution Planning
  • Analysis of your income needs now and in the future
  • Develop and implement recommendations to fund your income needs
  • Provide solutions for optimizing distribution strategies for your employer retirement plans and IRAs

Our Services

Investment Management Services

  • Review of investments and design personalized portfolios appropriate for your goals, timelines and tolerance for risk
  • Explain investment ideas in a manner that makes it easy to understand
  • Review of asset allocation1 within your employer provided retirement plans (ex. 401(k)s)
  • Investment rebalancing2 and financial objective review

Economic Analysis

  • Provide financial market updates
  • Help evaluate the economic news to determine what actions, if any, need to be taken

Tax Efficient Planning

  • Review of your tax return to highlight opportunities for maximizing tax efficient strategies3 as it relates to investment management
  • Consultation with your tax preparer
  • Suggested solutions including tax-managed and tax-advantage investments

Risk Management Services

  • Analysis of your risk management needs, now and in the future
  • Policy review to provide comprehensive assessment of current risk management strategies
  • Analysis of Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care policies
  • Development and implementation of new risk management comprehensive strategies

Family Wealth Legacy and Estate Planning

  • Analysis of your current estate plan and concerns
  • Consultation with your attorney
  • Review of beneficiaries for all accounts (i.e. banking, insurance, retirement) to ensure everything remains current according to your wishes and per your estate plan
  • Providing guidance with the appropriate and necessary steps in the event of the death of a loved one


Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

We invite you to visit any of our Community Savings Bank offices at no cost to you. We will answer important questions that can affect your long-term financial security. Individual services or comprehensive planning is available based on your preferences and comfort level.4


1Asset Allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

2Rebalancing can entail transaction costs and tax consequences that should be considered when determining a rebalancing strategy.

3IPI does not offer or provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your attorney and/or tax advisor for such services.

4In most cases the initial consultation is complimentary. Fees for your financial plan are determined by the level of service requested, your needs and the experience and credentials of the Financial Planner.