Manage your money with a few taps of your finger. Browse, text, or download our free mobile banking app.

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  • Fast, free, and secure service for customers enrolled in online banking*
  • Available to personal and business customers
  • Easily keep track of your finances on the go:
    • View account balances
    • Review history
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • Pay bills
    • Deposit checks
    • And more
  • Available via any web-enabled cell phone or mobile device
  • Utilize this service three convenient ways:
  • Save valuable time and effort; avoid an extra trip to a branch

*Wireless carrier data rates may apply.

Mobile Deposit
  • Deposit checks anytime, anywhere from your mobile device*
  • Free service for customers with a Community Savings Bank checking or savings account
  • Save time with fewer trips to our branches
  • Uses the built-in camera on your mobile device
  • Review recent mobile deposits and the check images presented for recordkeeping purposes
  • Receive notifications and alerts on all mobile deposits (and all transactions) for enhanced safety and security
  • Only available with the Community Savings Bank mobile app

*Must be enrolled in online banking to use Mobile Banking with Deposit.

Text Banking

You can receive text messages through your mobile phone to get your Balance, History, the nearest ATM info, the nearest Branch address, or to Stop using mobile banking. 

For example, if you want to receive a text to get your balance for all of your accounts you would send a text to 65958 with the following information in the body of the text:


That will send you the balances to all of your accounts. With the balance text, you cannot specify just one account to get the balance — it will always return the balances for all accounts you have activated.

If you want the history of your checking account, you can specify which account by the nickname you chose when selecting the accounts that you wanted to activate in Mobile Money:


This will return all history for the account you named 'Mine'. You can text back the word 'next' in order to get more history items for that account. You can get the same amount of history through Mobile that you can view through Online Banking. 

To find the nearest ATM location:

ATM (with a ZIP code)

To find the nearest Community Savings Bank location:

Branch (with a ZIP code) 

Text Banking Codes

Text Activity
BAL Receive balances for all accounts.
HIST (account nickname) Receive history for named account. Text back "next" for more history.
ATM (ZIP code) See nearest ATMs.
Branch (ZIP code) See nearest branches.