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I'm always on the go, and I'm not always at my computer or nearby a branch. That's why our Mobile App is a convenient way for me to check balances or transfer funds. It's just another reason why Community Savings Bank is my bank.

Easy Enrollment

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Setup Instructions

Mobile Banking Web Browser and Text Banking Setup

1. Log on to your Community Savings Bank internet banking on your computer.

2. Click on Services on the left side of the screen

3. Click on Mobile Money

4. Click Enroll

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions, continue

6. Choose the time zone on the top of the page

7. Check the accounts you want to see on your mobile device. Put nicknames in for those accounts, you will use this for future text message information, continue.

8. Key in your mobile number

9. Select your services, text messaging or mobile browser, next

10. This will send you a text message to your phone, one message per service selected, plus an activation code.

11. Put in the activation code that was sent to your phone, activate

12. Use the text message to open the link to launch Mobile Money Web Browser.

13. Log into the mobile internet banking with your current internet banking User Id and Password.

Receiving account information with text messages through Mobile Money

You can receive text messages through your mobile phone to get your Balance, History, the nearest ATM info, the nearest Branch address, or to Stop using mobile banking.

Example: if you want to receive a text to get your balance for all of your accounts you would send a text to 65958 with the following information in the body of the text:


That will send you the balances to all of your accounts. With the balance text you cannot specify just one account to get the balance, it will always return the balances for all accounts you have activated.

If you wanted to send a text message to get the history of your checking account you can specify which account by the nickname you chose when you selected which accounts you wanted activated in Mobile Money. i.e.:


This will return all history for the account you named 'Mine'. You can text back the word 'next' in order to get more history items for that account. You can get the same amount of history through Mobile that you can view through Internet Banking.

ATM with a zip code – Will reply with the nearest ATM location

Branch with a zip code– Will reply with the nearest CSB Branch location

In summary:

Bal - Will send you the balances of your accounts. This will always return the balance for all accounts you have activated.

Hist (account nickname) – will send history for the account you named. If you want more history information you would text back "next".

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 1800.828.2318

Mobile Capture

Make Deposits Via Your Mobile Device Anytime, Anywhere!

If you haven't tried our Mobile Banking app yet, you are missing out on our Mobile Capture service. With this convenient, secure, and easy to use service you can:

To use Mobile Capture to deposit money into your accounts at Community Savings Bank on your mobile device, download Community Savings Bank App from the App Store or Google Play.