Kids Club Savings

Kids Club Savings


I didn't understand the value of smart money management for a good portion of my life. When I think about what I could have done with all that money I spent when I was young, I can't believe it.

I don't want that to happen to my kids. I'm teaching them early on about the value of saving a dollar, so that maybe they will turn it into more.

  • For children 12 and under
  • Interest earned on all balances
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly service fee
  • Money is accessible
  • Newsletters quarterly
  • Invited to Kid's Club events

Take a look at our 2017 Kids Club Calendar.

For more online fun, check out teaches financial literacy to kids from 5 all the way to 18.

Click on your age group to find fun activities like puzzles, coloring pages, and an ATM Machine activity .

You do not need to be a Kid's Club member or a customer of our bank to use this fun interactive site.

If you are interested in learning more about receiving prizes for saving your money along with fun club member only events, come in and ask about our Kid's Club account.

For more online games and fun come check out:

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