Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans


I used to think owning my dream home was just that -- a dream. But Community Savings Bank helped make it come true! They explained all my mortgage and loan options so that getting a good deal was easy!

  • Fixed rate, adjustable, and balloon options
  • Low payments and competitive rates
  • Loans fully serviced* by Community Savings Bank
  • Down payment and closing costs grants available
  • First-time homebuyer's programs available
  • Interest rate buydowns available
  • HOAP program (forgivable home improvement grant offered through city governments)
  • Other low down payment programs available with Private Mortgage Insurance
  • Expanded Approval/Timely Payment Rewards Program available for those with less than perfect credit

*with the exception of certain loan programs

For mortgage rates contact us or call 800.828.2318.

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