My car was on its last legs. I'm not kidding -- the trunk was held down with a bungee cord. The seats were held together with duct tape. But after few minutes applying for an Auto Loan from Community Savings Bank, I was able to get a hot new car...with payments I can afford!

  • New and used
  • Low interest rates
  • Fair trade-in value
  • Quick approval
  • Pre-approval gives you negotiating power

*The annual percentage rate is based on a loan amount of $10,000 and loan to value of 33.33%, term of 24 months, monthly payment of $425.82 that is paid through auto debit. Prior loan history with Community Savings Bank is required and you have a Safe Deposit Box, Debit Card, Certificate of Deposit with a balance greater than $10,000, existing Checking account with a balance greater than $1,000, existing Savings Account or Money Market Demand Account with a balance greater than $5,000 and be signed up for our e-statement program.

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