100 Years in Review

1910 - The Littleport Savings Bank opened in Littleport, Iowa, and began to service many farmers and local merchants.

1935 - The Littleport Savings Bank's charter was moved to Edgewood, Iowa, while maintaining an office in Littleport. Community Savings Bank also acquired an office in Greeley.

1972 - Community Savings Bank moved from its Clayton County bank location on North Washington Street, one block south across the county line into Delaware County. The construction of the new bank location was completed late in the summer of 1971. [Edgewood, Iowa is split in half by HWY 3, making it a town that is located in two different counties.] The bank employees totaled 7.

1985 - Steven A. Brady, Jacqueline A. Johnson, and Timothy Brown formed Community Financial Corporation to purchase 100 percent of the bank's stocks.

1987 - At this time, the Edgewood bank location was remodeled and doubled its physical size.

1988 - The Earlville branch came into existence with the acquisition of the local State Bank of Earlville.

1991 - Community Savings Bank acquired the Stateman Savings and Loan in Manchester.

1993 - Community Savings Bank moved its Manchester office to a newly remodeled location on East Main Street.

1997 - Community Savings Bank enters Linn County. The growing community of Robins was in need of a local bank, so Community Savings Bank answered the request. The Robins branch started in a double-wide trailer while the new office was being constructed.

1999 - Devastating floods wiped out the town of Littleport, Iowa, and it took Community Savings Bank's only Clayton County office. To this day, Littleport ceases to exist as it once did.

2001 - Community Savings Bank started its Cedar Rapids office which is located off of Mount Vernon Road.

2006 – The Dyersville office opened next to Fareway.

2007 – Community Savings Bank remodeled its Edgewood office to double its size once again with a state-of-the-art facility. At this time, the bank employed a total of 66 employees.

2010 - 100 Years of service! With nearly 70 employees, Community Savings Bank has grown its assets to 298 million!