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    Steve Brady

    President and CEO (NMLS ID# 675680)

    I have worked hard to make Community Savings Bank a place where you can get all your financial needs met in a friendly, courteous, and timely fashion. Every customer is important, and we treat them that way. I encourage you to stop in anytime and lean on our banking experts to help make your finances work for you. And if you have any further questions, please let me know. My door is always open.

    Email: steve.brady@csbiowa.com

    Phone: 563.928.6425

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    Jackie Johnson

    Executive Vice President

    My number one priority is making sure that Community Savings Bank provides you with the greatest value as it relates to its services, products, and customer relations. It's important that you receive the greatest resources to make your financial decisions and reach your goals. I am here to make sure that happens.

    Email: jackie.johnson@csbiowa.com

    Phone: 563.928.6425

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    Elaine Funke

    Vice President/Financial Services Officer (NMLS ID# 671593)

    If you're dealing with multiple consumer and mortgage loans, I can help. I am also a good resource for advice on home equity, construction or home improvement loans. I can also give you tips on IRAs and other investments. Bring your questions and concerns to me. I can help.

    Email: elaine.funke@csbiowa.com

    Phone: 563.928.6425

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    Dodd Scroggin

    Vice President/Lending (NMLS ID# 673683)

    It's important to me that all our customers be provided with common sense education and empowerment on commercial, agricultural, consumer, and real estate loans. And that's just what I do. I can help you come up with short and long term financial plans to build wealth and retire with dignity.

    Email: dodd.scroggin@csbiowa.com

    Phone: 563.928.6425

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    Brett Nagel

    Senior Vice President (NMLS ID# 900919)

    I provide you with sensible solutions to your financial goals. That may include commercial or agricultural loans for your business. I will help you understand the details of your loans so there is less confusion. It's about you and me working together. I will assist you in every way that I can to help you reach your goals!

    Email: brett.nagel@csbiowa.com

    Phone: 563.928.6425

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    Sandra Wegmann

    CSA Supervisor

    It's important to me that you have all the information you need when it comes to banking. For this reason, I train and assist our customer service associates so that they can clearly explain everything about your account. This provides you with a sense of security that the staff at Community Savings Bank respect you and are eager to meet your needs... because that's what we do.

    Email: sandra.wegmann@csbiowa.com

    Phone: 563.928.6425

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    Luke Brady

    Loan Officer (NMLS ID# 1126810)

    If you need assistance with your agricultural or business loans, I will assist you. My goal is for your business to succeed and we will work together to make that happen. I will also educate and inform you on all aspects of your loans.

    Email: luke.brady@csbiowa.com

    Phone: 563.928.6425

  • Kristen Arthur

    Kristen Arthur

    Financial Services Officer (NMLS ID# 1025751)

    It's important to me that you achieve your financial goals. We can work together to find the right banking solutions to reach those goals. I can assist with mortgage and consumer loans as well as answer your questions about IRAs, Deposit Accounts, and other investments.


    Phone: 563.928.6425

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    Steve Reinig

    Agricultural Financing Specialist

    I can offer long term real estate loans to assist you with land purchases, new facilities, improvements, or restructuring of existing liabilities. Together we can find sound financial Solutions for your farming operation.

    Email: steve.reinig@csbiowa.com

    Phone: 563.608.0249